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Restructuring is one of the core services offered by IPP Management. We have participated in numerous restructuring processes in entities from different sectors. Our experiences helped us elaborate effective strategies to go well with Polish business reality. We are convinced that there is no problem without a solution, therefore, IPP Management offers a wide range of restructuring services, which includes:

  • Financial restructuring:

-negotiations with financial institutions (changes of schedule, payment settlements, finance maintenance, prevention of notice of termination)

-capital market acquisitions (debt financing, capital investors search, consolidation with the focus on investment goals)

-provisions settlement with debtors

-liquidity restoration (stopping liquidity loss -> stability -> growth of liquidity)


  • De-investment actions:

-analysis of wealth structure of an entity

-indication of elements that are unpromising and cost generating

-search for buyers for: land property, warehouses, productive reserves, machinery parks, office buildings, hotels, and leisure parks


  • Restructuring based on “New Restructuring Law”:

-proceedings for an arrangement approval

-proceedings for an accelerated approval

-accelerated proceedings

-recovery proceedings

-preparation of restructuring plans


  • Recovery/bankruptcy proceedings:

-recovery proceedings with a possibility to conclude arrangement

-conversion of recovery proceedings (liquidation -> composition agreement)