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Receivables Turnover

In the recent years, we can observe a dynamic growth in receivables sales market. There have been new solutions implemented to optimize tax and balance the cost of transactions. These solutions are often logistically and legally complex. Thus, they require expert knowledge and experience. As we have conducted numerous sales of mass-scale and individual portfolios, we possess wide knowledge of how to make these processes cost-effective. Additionally, we help create indispensable structures and business relations.


Stages of transaction consulting:

  • Analysis and creation of assets/ liabilities

-analysis of liabilities structures

-cost and flow estimation

  • Choice of securitization method

-analysis of benefits of a selected method

-advice on the most effective method

  • Implemenation stage

– creating long lists of investors and invitations to participate in transaction process

– handing of formatted appraisal data

– collecting and evaluating initial proposals

– creating short list of investors

– collecting firm proposals

  • Presentation of results

– handing sales contracts to an investor/investors

– establishing negotiation strategy

– negotiations

  • Transaction completion

– signing a contract


Although signing a contract ends the first stage of relationship between a buyer and a seller, we believe that what happens after is equally important. Mainly, handing over data, documentations and fulfilling all the conditions in the contract.  All of these conditions require effective application of tools and solutions including employee training.