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IPP Management

Real Estate

IPP Management offers real estate consulting. The range of our services is adjusted to every client. We offer services both for individuals and entities.

We take part in every stage of an acquisition/ sale of property. Our offer includes but is not limited to:

-strategic consulting

-transaction consulting

-sale/acquisition of a property

-real estate investment consulting


We specialize in hard-to-value assets, comprised in enforcement, restructuring and liquidation proceedings. Our practice in this field is successful due to the professionals who are able to complete the most demanding tasks.

Included in our services are;


On the owner side On the buyer side
Real estate and its economic potential analysis Investigating into the legal status of property
Preparation of prospects for potential investors Financial risk analysis
Financial due dilligence Negotiations with creditors to discharge a mortgage or receivables purchase
Negotiations with potential investors Negotiations with property’s seller
Negotiations with creditors Legal support in real estate purchase from official receiver, administrative officer, court enforcement officer or liquidator.
Act of sale of property draft