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Mergers and acquisitions are very complex processes in which the ownership of one entity is transferred to another entity. What motivates a business to execute these processes is the will to increase operations capabilities, dominate the market and overwhelm competition. The decisions taken during each stage of mergers and acquisitions ought to be based on thorough strategic analysis, legal and economic, both when it comes to the acquiring and acquired entity.


IPP Management offers you full support during mergers and acquisitions. Our service includes:


  • Analyses of acquiring entity, based on which we prepare

-candidate eligibility criteria acquisition

– lists of potential candidates

-strategic analysis

-economic analysis of a future merger or acquisition

-initial and proper due diligence


  • Profitability analysis of acquiring an entity, based on which we prepare:

-analysis of the value of an entity after execution of legal and actual transactions that constitute a merger or acquisition

-analysis of the value of an acquired entity (DCF, APV, liquidation appraisal, replacement appraisal etc.)


  • Financial structuring of an acquisition

– private equity

-investment funds

-mezzanine funds

-commercial banks

-investment banks


  • We prepare a restructuring plan for acquired entities and we monitor its implementation.


  • We take active part in integration processes.