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IPP Management

Debt Collection

IPP Management responds to the growing demand for debt collection specialists, which stems from the awareness and the need of entrepreneurs and individuals to recover their due liabilities effectively and legally. We combine the experience in both mass-scale and small-scale receivables; both when it comes to corporate and individual debtors. We are successful in building debt collection procedures. Our offer includes:


  • Financial Sector

-recovery processes audit (mass-scale and corporate receivables)

-procedures and structures for mass-scale receivables, including documentary collection, outsourcing

-receivables sales

-consulting in securitization and sub-participation

-liquid sales of receivables for diminution in value of assets

-analysis and appraisal of batch of debts including due diligence

-tax optimization


  • Entrepreneurs

-structures and standards building for internal debt collection (procedures, tools, employee training)

-outsourcing service in mass-scale receivables

-selling receivables to specialized entities

-collection of high- amount receivables

-consulting in case of legal action against an entrepreneur

-financial credibility verification of potential business partners


  • Individuals

– collection of individual receivables

-participation in debt recovery negotiations (for debtors and creditors)

-verification of financial credibility

-acquisition of wealth to pay off liabilities